Tree Work


Trees are an essential part of our landscape and environment. Not only do they provide valuable habitats for all kinds of wildlife they are an important factor to in the management of soil erosion and flood. Their beauty can lift the spirits and is part of our historic heritage.

Landowners have a legal duty of care to ensure their trees are healthy and pose no risk to those that come into contact with them. This can be as simple as making a visual inspection of the tree or trees on a regular basis, but a more detailed management plan and programme of maintenance may be required to ensure their ongoing health and stability.
For more information please visit our Knowledge base − Tree Management

Pruning & Tree Removal

Pruning and Tree Removal are not something which should be undertaken without thought and planning. Trees are unique and should not be viewed as a large shrub. They are complex long-lived living organisms. A tree does not ever heal but wounds will seal. Damage caused whether intentional or accidental, remains with the tree until it decays. Damage cannot be reversed, therefore any work likely to affect a tree should only be undertaken once the consequences are understood. From the point of view of the health of your tree knowing when and how to prune requires knowledge and understanding of the tree and the impact pruning will have upon it. Engaging a suitably qualified professional to help you should be considered. For more information please visit our Knowledge base − Pruning


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